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Anonymity & traces


Anonymity & Traces is a series of three books that examine the subject of anonymity in today's time, its manifestations, significance, and traces left behind despite living in a time with increasing anonymity. The content is explored through self-conducted interviews, collecting imagery that directly and metaphorically visualizes these themes, as well as magazine and news articles discussing these subjects from different lenses.  

Anonymity & Traces Set

Anonymity & Traces I

Anonymity & Traces I explores the subject through the self conducted interviews of eight participants of different genders, ages, and professions. The interviews asked respondents about their definition of the subject, their personal experiences with anonymity and leaving behind traces in today's time.

Anonymity & Traces I - Cover

Visual Metaphors

The participants names are encrypted from the last 12 characters of the SHA code of each respective name to keep them anonymous. Furthermore, the page numbers have been redacted and redactions of personal information are also overlaid through vellum inserts.  

Anonymity & Traces I - Spread
Anonymity & Traces I - Redactions
Anonymity & Traces I - Vellum Overlays
Anonymity & Traces I - Interview Quote

The Printing Process

The book is printed in black and white on copy paper, and incorporates vellum inserts to layer the reading experience.

Anonymity & Traces II

Anonymity & Traces II explores the subjects through collected visual imagery, including illustrations, photography and abstract patterns, that literally and metaphorically capture the themes of anonymity or traces.

Anonymity & Traces II - Spread

The Book Style

The archive of images collected from various sources is given a threshold treatment in complimentary toned blue and tan colors, and placed to create rhythm, pacing, and a narrative that zooms out and close in to these experiences and concepts.

Anonymity & Traces II - Visual Components

The Printing Process

The book is printed in single color (toned blue) on acid free toned tan paper with acetate inserts to create a layer within the reading experience.

Anonymity & Traces III

Anonymity & Traces III is a synthesis of all self-initated and collected research on the subject. It explores the themes of concealment, ambiguity, unknown, and clues left behind, by combing and laying out text and imagery to develop the narrative.

Anonymity & Traces III - Cover

"I don’t know traces are interesting. Like I don’t know, I kind of like to leave traces. I feel like I like to leave traces, even if it’s just for myself a breadcrumb trail so I can find my way back home or something, you know."


Anonymity & Traces III - Spread
Anonymity & Traces III - SpreadAnonymity & Traces III - Spread

The Printing Process

The book is printed on acid free toned paper with a vellum insert in the middle, and uses cutouts and page extensions to emulate the subject in discussion within the reading experience.