Branding, Wayfinding & signage

Buenos Aires subway


This speculative redesign reimagines the Buenos Aires subway map and signage with a focus on simplicity and accessibility, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for commuters.

At its core, the goal is to enhance the experience for the primary audience: tourists navigating unfamiliar terrain, and international visitors who may be less familiar with the native language. To bridge language barriers, the design seamlessly integrates English phonetic translations alongside Spanish names, eliminating language barriers, and empowering travelers to navigate the city with ease and confidence.

The new Subte Map

Deep Dive into the Existing System

The process began with exploration and research of the current landscape, delving into the intricacies of the existing system and understanding the diverse tapestry of commuters and their experiences.

Initial Research of Existing System

Reimagining the Logo

Drawing inspiration from the Subte’s dynamic underground system and the city’s unique diagonal street grid, the new logo is infused with a sense of movement and purpose.

New Subte LogotypeLogo redesign process

Designing the Layout

I explored a variety of design approaches for the map ranging from topographical renderings, to three-dimensional representations, and minimalist geometric styles. I structured the layout to seamlessly integrate all critical information while establishing a clear and intuitive information hierarchy.

Color palette
Typographic system
45 degree angle

The Map

At the core of this design lies geometric harmony – a fusion of 45-degree angles, bright colors, modern sans-serif typography, and silhouetted landmark icons. These elements, together, not only aim to simplify navigation, but also imbue the map with a sense of identity that is uniquely intertwined with the city and its subway system.

The Map
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Going Beyond the Map

I expanded the design system for the map into a comprehensive redesign of the branding, wayfinding and signage, to resolve inconsistencies across various touchpoints, and create a robust design system that unifies the visual identity of Subte, and supports tourists and commuters through a seamless and immersive journey.

Wayfinding and SignageWayfinding and Signage

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