Branding, Wayfinding & signage

Buenos Aires subway


This speculative redesign of the map for the subway system of Buenos Aires aims to simplify navigation and make the experience frictionless. I focused on their key target audience: tourists, who are unfamiliar with the language, and included an english phonetic translation for spanish names. I carried the project further to redesign the wayfinding and signage system of the subway to make it consistent and comprehensive.


The foundation of the project was laid out by researching the current experience and system as well as collecting important information about the city and area. It was further supported by research into main commuter types as well as drawing inspiration from successful navigational systems.

Initial Research of Existing System
Initial Research of Existing System

Stylistic choices

The research directly informed the key stylistic choices and design decisions of color and geometric form.

Stylistic Choices - 45 Degree Angle
Stylistic Choices - Color Palette
Stylistic CHoices - Dark Theme

The Logo

The logo was redesigned in line with the stylistic components but to create a stronger brand identity of the subway highlighting its unique characteristics.

New Subte Logotype

The mAP

Bringing together all the different components to design a simpler and more consistent map that is true to the city and the subway system.

New Subte Logotype
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Going beyond the map

The design system was extended to reimagine the Subte branding and experience as a whole to revamp their wayfinding and signage system inside and outside the stations and trains, as well as the tickets and cards.

Wayfinding and Signage outisde platforms
Wayfinding and Signage on Platforms

Wayfinding and signage components

The design system was extended to the signage outside and inside the platforms and trains, as well as the train tickets.

Signage System at Subway Entrances
Wayfinding signs inside subway stations
Platform Signage

Tickets and cards

The new branding guidelines are applied to allsystem touchpoints and interfaces including the Subte cards.

Redesigned Subway Card

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