Packaging design & Sustainability

vegan alternatives


For this package redesign project, I created three main elements that were to be included or modified on the labels of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. The goal is to raise awareness on the suffering of the animals in the factory farm model, the impact on the climate, and the nutritional comparison to the original animal products.

01 Infographic of Suffering

Infographic of Suffering

To raise awareness about the suffering of animals at the factory farm and appeal to the emotions of people

02 Sustainability Scale

Sustainability Scale

To emphasize the environmental impact of our diet in terms of the carbon footprint of different products

03 Nutrition Comparison

Nutrition Comparison

To break the common misconception that plant-based alternatives can not keep up with the nutrition from animal sources

Designing Product Labels

I then redesigned the labels of existing companies that produced plant-based alternatives to dairy, chicken, egg, pork and beef products, and incorporated these elements on the packaging of these products as they are available in the market today.

Product Label Design for Vegan Alternatives

Rethinking the Packaging

I recognized that most of the packaging was unsustainable and non-eco-friendly itself since it used a lot of plastic. So, I worked on designing alternative packaging that retained the compactness but replaced most of the plastic used for either more biodegradable or more durable (in turn reusable) materials.

Creating Sustainable Packaging Forms for Vegan Alternatives