Speculative Brand Redesign

Ferns n petals brand redesign


Ferns N Petals was the first flower bouquet delivery brand in India established in 1994 and since then they have grown to become the largest florist chain with more than 320 stores across all the major cities and towns of India.

With refreshed and elevated visuals, the speculative redesign strengthens the brand experience to match their rapidly growing global footprint and retain the sentimental connection and organic quality that the brand has been known for.

Ferns N Petals Redesign AestheticRedesigned LogoNew Logo UsageRebranded TypogrphyRefreshed Color PaletteAccessibility ConsiderationsRefreshed PhotographyNew Icon Set

Ferns n Petals website Redesign

Take a closer look at the speculative website redesign for Ferns N Petals here.

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