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In a rapidly evolving landscape of online advertising, businesses strive to harness the power of services like Amazon Ads to grow their brand and drive sales by finding, attracting and engaging customers on multiple platforms.

Recognizing the need for streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency, we embarked on a mission to operationalize the way Amazon Ads manages and executes advertising requests by creating a bespoke speculative tool called ABIL (Amazon Brand Innovation Lab) Dashboard designed to streamline ticketing and project management.

The Challenge

The workflow is inconsistent and inefficient.

A cumbersome and manual ticket request intake process via email is overly time consuming and leads to inconsistent brand compliance. Moreover, the absence of creative brief guidelines leaves advertisers confused and adrift, resulting in unstandardized information being received.  

The Solution

Automate every step of the workflow, from request intake to project delivery.

Create an end-to-end solution that not only operationalizes the influx and management of requests but also transforms how stakeholders engage with the creative process. Catalyze collaboration and creativity with streamlined communication channels and clear creative brief guidelines.

ABIL Dashboard screens

Three Key Pillars

To provide an all-in-one custom ad service and support advertisers at every stage of the process with a complete feedback look, three areas of focus have been identified.

Three key pillars of strategy

A New Visual System

Enhance productivity and inspire creativity through intuitive design and seamless integration, reducing the cognitive load on all stakeholders.

A minimalistic visual system that emphasizes and supports the functionality of this new tool, prioritizing efficiency, transparency, and control for all users with varying experience levels and technological expertise.

UI Style Guide for ABIL Dashboard

Key ABIL Dashboard Features

ABIL Dashboard aims to streamline the flow of requests, track project progress, and prioritize net new features to add value.

Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets

Key Takeaways

  • Creating a tool that automatizes and standardizes the request intake process
  • Intuitive interface that eases the users into complex actions and decision making moments, reducing the cognitive load on everyone, not just tech experts
  • As the face of a customer focused brand, facilitating a conversation based model in the long-run
  • Holistically, going beyond just ticket management to automate every step of the creative workflow to operationalize the brand as a service

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