Speculative Website Redesign

The Wimbledon Championships


Revitalizing the digital presence of The Wimbledon Championships, I aimed to capture the esteemed legacy of the world’s oldest and most prestigious tournament by enhancing user engagement.

Through refreshed visuals and strengthened site structure, I created an immersive experience that embodies the devotion and competitive spirit synonymous with the event.

Wimbledon website redesign screens

The Challenge

The website lacks an immersive exploration of the Wimbledon world, necessary to fully engage users in the excitement of the sport and its most prestigious tournament.

The Solution

Immerse users in the rich 135-year legacy of the tournament while igniting anticipation for future events, and seamlessly introduce new users to the nuances of the sport, to captivate both newcomers and dedicated fans alike

Original Player Profile Page
Player Profile - Before
Redesigned Player Profile Page
Player Profile - After
Original Champions Archive Page
Champions Archive - Before
Redesigned Champions Archive Page
Champions Archive - After

Visual Creative Direction

Designing visuals to create an engaging and immersive experience that resonates with users encouraging them to explore the various facets of the sport.

By prioritizing visual consistency, I aimed to seamlessly integrate rich history and statistics of the sport with the latest tournament updates and live components including scores, schedules, and news.

Visual creative direction

Key User Mindsets

After conducting extensive research, four distinct user groups have been identified based on their expertise levels and interests

Key user mindsets

Key Features

Developing a visually immersive and consistent experience that guides each user type effortlessly through the nuances and details of the sport and the tournament

Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets

The Iterative Process

I created a component-based design system that lays the groundwork for a simple but scalable user experience, that is engaging, immersive and complete.

Key user mindsets
Key user mindsets

Starting with the creation of a narrative flow for each page, I progressed through the stages of sketching low-fidelity wireframes, refining them into higher-fidelity versions, that ultimately culminated in the creation of polished UI designs and interactions.

Key user mindsets

Key Takewaways

  • Create an exploratory experience for all user groups through the different information on the website
  • Celebrate the 135-year legacy and prestige of Wimbledon capitalizing on the nostalgia around the tournament
  • Develop player statistics and tournament archives in visually engaging and comprehensible forms
  • Create a truly immersive and dynamic experience that keeps the audience engaged and connected to the live tournament

Final Screens

Designed by integrating the User Experience Strategy and new UI Creative Direction to create a flexible and dynamic modular system.

Redesigned Desktop Screens

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