Speculative Website Redesign

Ferns n Petals


With refreshed and elevated visuals, the site structure and user experience has been strengthened to foster the devotion and competitive spirit that is associated with the sport and this tournament in particular.

Speculative website redesign for ferns n petals

The Challenge

The website doesn’t match up to the brand's growing global presence as the leading flower and gift company in India.

Currently, the website is visually inconsistent and leads to an overwhelming and stressful experience of choosing and purchasing the perfect gift.

The solution

Create a visually engaging and immersive digital gift selecting experience for new and returning users alike.

Strengthen the brand experience to retain the sentimental connection and organic quality that the brand has been known for.

Four key stages of interaction

There are four stages of a user's journey as they interact with the site right from landing on till they complete their transaction.

Four key stages of interaction

User Types


Mostly passive users with low awareness about Ferns N Petals  who land on the website looking for unspecific gifts for an occasion


Invested users who know about the brand, looking for options for a particular gift in mind

key user types

Landscape Analysis

The landscape analysis involved auditing the best in class experiences of both direct and indirect competitors.

This analysis involved making note of not only what was successful for these competitors, but also practices to avoid and find a white space for Ferns N Petals as the leading florist in India

Landscape Analysis - FTD
Landscape Analysis - Fromyouflowers
Landscape Analysis - Aesop

Supporting Visuals with Framework

The new experience will only be as successful as the content, product system, and technology that powers it.

Current Navigation of FnP website

Current Navigation

Overwhelming, complicated and unclear taxonomy

New Speculative Navigation of FnP website

New Navigation

Simplified, comprehensive and clear taxonomy

In order to capitalize on the whitespace, we must

Shift From:

Inconsistent and uninteresting visuals

Overwhelming selection process given the wide variety of options and products

A gap between the products and their connection to sentiments associated with occasions and loved ones

Unclear display of product information needed to make a choice and consider the price


Refreshed visuals that reflect the brands supremacy

Strong pathing and product display that supports discovery and exploration

Highlighting the emotional connection of the experience of sending and receiving flowers and gifts

Clear display of the necessary product details to help users make an informed purchase

UI Creative Direction

Making it exciting and easy to select and purchase flowers and gifts for loved ones.

Developing a visually strong and consistent experience for the product details and gift options for each occasion and celebration in a way that isn't overwhelming.

Key Features

Key Features - DiscoveryKey Features - ExplorationKey Features - EngagementKey Features - Purchase

Key Takewaways

  • Support discovery by strengthening pathing
  • Clearly display the necessary product details to help users make an informed purchase
  • Refresh the visuals that reflect the brands supremacy and appeals to their growing user base
  • Highlight the emotional connection of the experience of sending and receiving flowers and gifts as tokens of love

Final Screens

Designed by integrating the User Experience Strategy and new UI Creative Direction to create a flexible and dynamic modular system.

Redesigned Desktop Screens

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