Into the Gloss


To rejuvenate the digital essence of Into theGloss – a pioneering beauty blog that served as the foundation of the renowned brand Glossier, I reimagined the platform’s visual identity and user experience.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s legacy of community engagement and transparency, I sought to balance the expert interviews and everyday editorial content. To deepen user engagement, foster a stronger sense of community, and enhance the platform’s impact as a trendsetter in the beauty sphere, I seamlessly integrated user-friendly navigation and immersive design elements.

The Challenge

The enthusiasm is dying.

The initial demographic is losing interest and the website fails to captivate the younger generation, leading to dwindling conversions from editorial to purchase.

The Insight

Foster individual exploration within a community.

Users want individual exploration and honest, unfiltered conversations about beauty, skincare and wellness with a diverse but like-minded community.

ITG Screens Before and After

Key Areas of Focus

After auditing the current experience and conducting extensive research, we identified three key areas of focus to regenerate interest and attract new users.

Three Key pillars of redesign

A Unified Visual Language

Bridging the gap between traditional structure and modern content.

Using traditional fonts and layout with a revamped navigation, as well as a flexible content template brings professionalism and authenticity to the site, and creates space for fresh, younger content making it relevant to different demographic groups.

New visual direction

The component-based design system is critical in considering both desktop and mobile, providing a foundation that can continue to scale across the entire ecosystem and every touchpoint.

Component-based design system

A New Editorial Approach

We developed an in-depth strategy and identified six key features to support authentic personal discovery, and foster community interaction to convert website visitors into loyal customers.

ITG website screens

We took a mobile-first approach, anchoring the work in a comprehensive navigation, typography, photography, motion, color, and illustration.

Mobile-first approach

Want to Know More?

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