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Into the Gloss redesign


Into the Gloss is a beauty blog that was the origins of the famous beauty and makeup brand Glossier. They interview the leading experts and trend setters in the beauty and skincare industry, and create authentic editorial content for its customer base.

With refreshed and elevated visuals, the site structure and user experience has been strengthened to foster the sense of community and transparency that the brand has been known for.

The Challenge

The enthusiasm is dying.

Their initial demographic is losing interest because they feel the blog isn’t what it used to be and the younger generation expects fresh, inclusive and honest conversation about these subjects, leading to even fewer conversions from editorial to sales.

The solution

Foster individual exploration within a community.

The redesign aims to regenerate interest in a dying editorial site, attract a younger demographic by supporting authentic discovery with a clearer organization of the wide range of content, and creating stronger pathing to the Glossier website to convert them into loyal customers.

Three Key Pillars

To regenerate interest and attract new users, by supporting discovery and exploration to ultimately lead to user retention, three key areas of focus have been identified.

Three Key Pillars of Redesign

UI Creative Direction

Bridging the gap between traditional structure and modern content.

Using traditional fonts and layout brings professionalism and authenticity to the site creating space for fresh, younger content, making it relevant to different demographic groups.  The diversity of content is highlighted through a revamped navigation and taxonomy structure, as well as a flexible content template.

Homepage - Before
Original Homepage Design
Homepage - After
Redesigned Homepage
Article detail page - Before
Original Article Page Design
Article Detail page - After
Redesigned Article Detail Page

Important features


A new taxonomy for the verticals

Creating a new specific system for naming all the verticals  so users can easily find and navigate across all of them

Dynamic preference based elements

Including elements that change with time or based on user preference to create a dynamic exploratory experience for all user mindsets

01 Discoverability
02 Engagement


Capitalizing on variety of content types

Highlighting ITG's various content offerings and leveraging visual elements such as images and videos

Diversifying the pages to engage all audiences

The site should continue to offer their signature content for loyal users while creating fresh easy takeaway content for the new users to create an engaging experience for all mindsets.

User Loyalty

Link between e-commerce and editorial

Having a stronger connection between the various
e-commerce platforms and the editorial website

Long-term engagement opportunities

Rewarding both participation and purchase by creating incentives or systems for users to return to ITG

03 User Loyalty

Key Takewaways

  • Reimagining the site navigation to allow more room for content and easier access to products
  • Utilizing carousels and breakers to diversify content and break long lists of content into digestible groups
  • Creating a visually interesting editorial template such that long articles make for more interesting reads than before, and the variety of content takes centerstage
  • Making the website more dynamic and accessible across devices, especially in this mobile friendly time

Final Screens

Designed by integrating the User Experience Strategy and new UI Creative Direction to create a flexible and dynamic modular system.

Redesigned Desktop ScreensRedesigned Mobile Screens

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